All these functions are available with moodcase.

Upload your images and videos in a flash, get feedback from the client and send the final assets - all in one place - in moodcase.

  • Fastest image upload

    Fastest image upload

    Upload your images and videos to moodcase super fast and easy via your web browser.

  • Image selection

    Image selection

    Let your customers choose the best image and then export the list to your favorite program.

  • Share images

    Share images

    Deliver the final images and videos in highres to your clients. Personal and professional.

1 GB of storage free forever. Save hours a week. No credit card required.


Manage all images and videos in one organized place. Rate them with stars and colors. Organize them into collections and export the assets chosen by your client to your favorite program.

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1 GB of storage free forever.
No credit card required.

  • Collections


    Organize the images and videos into collections so your customer can find the assets they want faster.

  • Ratings


    Images and videos can be rated by you and your client to quickly make a selection.

  • Metadata


    See how large the image is or which camera you used to take the picture - and much more.

  • Notifications


    Notifications show if the shared gallery has arrived and your client has already tagged or downloaded photos.

  • Color labels

    Color labels

    Color labels give you many ways to separate and mark images and videos.

  • Clients upload

    Clients upload

    Your client can also upload photos to you, if you allow it.

  • Data safety

    Data safety

    Your data is in good hands with moodcase and it is hosted in the EU. The data centers are certified according to SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

  • Find any image

    Find any image

    Search by projects, file names and keywords, incredibly fast.

  • Comments in one spot

    Comments in one spot

    No matter where you are in the app, you can add comments anywhere.

Clients select, check!

No file lists. No back and forth. No email, whatsapp or voice mails. And no more mistakes. Let your clients easily select their photos with one click. Then automatically pull their selection into Lightroom. Magic.

1 GB of storage free forever.
No credit card required.

  • Image selection

    Image selection

    Your customer chooses the images and videos by a single click. You will immediately see which one he has chosen. Once the selection is complete, you will be notified by email.

  • Resize


    Need different sizes? Let your client download individual photos or bulk-resize multiple images at once, all in the desired resolution. No more manual resizing!

  • Export file list

    Export file list

    Export the file list to Lightroom, Capture One, Photo Mechanic, Explorer, or Finder to edit the originals.

  • Digital delivery

    Digital delivery

    Provide the edited images directly from Lightroom or Capture One to the client as finals.

Better quality feedback with markup and comments

Need clear direction? Our powerful markup and commenting tools mean your clients are never lost for words. Improve clarity, avoid confusion, save time.

1 GB of storage free forever.
No credit card required.

  • Comments


    Comment corrections directly on the image. So that no changes are missed.

  • Markings


    Draw a freeform shape by hand to show exactly what you mean.

  • Tasks


    Keep track of which tasks are still open and which are already done.

  • Versioning


    One version back? No problem, just restore the desired version. Or download for comparison.

  • Workflow status

    Workflow status

    Also keep track of large projects. The status shows whether the image is in review or already the final version.

  • Integrated notifications

    Integrated notifications

    Have the images or videos already been reviewed or downloaded? Or has an image been marked with the label "reviewed"?

The perfect showcase for your work

Your stunning photos deserve a beautiful and chic gallery. With moodcase you can share your finished work with the click of a button. Wow your clients on any device, and give your gallery a personal touch branded with your logo and colours.

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1 GB of storage free forever.
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  • Responsive design

    Responsive design

    Whether mobile, tablet or desktop, galleries are optimally adapted to the space conditions.

  • Cover


    Choose a cover image for the gallery and create an interesting entry.

  • Presets


    With "Presets" you can create an appealing gallery with one click.

  • Custom domain

    Custom domain

    With your own domain you can give the gallery a professional touch.

  • Photo friendly layout

    Photo friendly layout

    The layout always makes your images and videos look good. The grids adapt to the images and videos and not vice versa.

  • Password protection

    Password protection

    You can password-protect galleries.

moodcase for Teams

Working in a team? With the workflow module, you can easily collaborate on projects with your team. The Kanban board always gives you an overview. Drag and drop the cards into the desired column.

1 GB of storage free forever.
No credit card required.

  • Kanban Board

    Kanban Board

    Kanban boards are great for visually representing tasks. With the cards you always keep the big picture in mind.

  • Configurable views

    Configurable views

    Choose your favorite view. Whether identical sizes, portrait and landscape mixed or as a list view.

  • Drag and drop to change status

    Drag and drop to change status

    Simply drag and drop the cards into the next column, the status will change automatically.

  • To-dos at a glance

    To-dos at a glance

    In the workflow module you can see at a glance where there are still open tasks. So you keep the overview.

  • Search and filter

    Search and filter

    If there are really lots of cards in the list, the search or a filter helps to find the desired card quickly.

  • Notifications of status changes

    Notifications of status changes

    The in-app notifications show you status changes. Activity feed shows you in detail what has happened.


Get the full potential of moodcase with our powerful integrations with your current tools

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic

    Adobe Lightroom Classic

    Use the moodcase plug-in for Adobe Lightroom Classic to load photos directly into your desired project and re-import the images selected by the client. Without leaving Lightroom.

  • Capture One

    Capture One

    Introducing the moodcase plug-in for Capture One, which allows you to upload photos directly into a project on moodcase. No more manual exporting or uploading

  • Dropbox


    With this new feature, you can upload your images and videos directly from Dropbox to without having to download them first.

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  • Further integrations

    Further integrations

    What would be an important integration for you? Let us know. We are constantly developing.

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1 GB of storage free forever.
No credit card required.

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