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moodcase-foundersThe two founders Mathias and Mike bring professional know-how from almost 20 years of experience in the graphics industry. They have worked a lot with photographers and realized that there should be a platform for more effective collaboration between photographers and clients. With technological innovation, they want to create a platform that facilitates the cooperation between photographers and their clients. moodcase is the result of passion for UX/UI design, technology and the will to create a tool for a presentation of images that matches the care of the photographer profession.

The idea for moodcase evolved from collaboration with photographers. The customer usually receives the finished product simply as a ZIP file. Comments and requests then have to be explained in a time-consuming manner. So far, there is no software that meets the professional requirements at this point. With our platform, we want to create an effective interface between photographers and customers that significantly improves both communication and the presentation of the finished photos. Thus, in the future, the cooperation between both sides should take place in a software that is optimally adapted to the needs of both sides.

The aim of moodcase is to enable photographers to save time and money while improving their workflow. The software should enable a simple and effective workflow. Since photographers invest a lot of work and time in the quality of their products, they should be able to present them with just as much care. On our platform, customers can then easily and conveniently select their desired images or make comments. The photographer, in turn, can view the customer's feedback and easily import the image selection using integrations such as Lightroom or Capture One. With its well-designed user interface and technically sound solution for fast uploads and downloads, moodcase is set to be the new collaboration platform for photographers and their clients.

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